Chapter 2053

Cedar was rendered speechless by Isabelle's actionss. There was no way for him to deal with her.

While Cedar’s room was full of warmth, it felt so cold on the balcony up there. Raphael stared at the man who was sunbathing with a bit of fear.

Raphael made a mistake and caused the company to make a significant loss. He even got himself injured in the process.

“Father, I’m sorry.”

Zachary remained cold and silent. His attitude towards Raphael was the complete opposite of how he treated Isabelle.

To the sons of the Schick family, their father had always been a cold and strict man.

Raphael was actually very envious of Isabelle. However, he was not the only one to receive such treatment from his father. His father treated Cedar the same way too.

Zachary had never treated his sons gently or warmly. Instead, he had raised them with strictness and discipline.

“It’s your mistake. Let’s just think of it as a lesson. Since you made a mistake, it won’t do if you’re not punished. You’ll g
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