Chapter 2055

Raymond was surprised when Isabelle contacted him. He did not expect the young Miss of the Schick family to look for him.

Isabelle frankly said, “Since Sis Bambi puts a lot of effort into you, and she’s constantly thinking of you, that means she does like you. However, she’s the kind of person that…”

Isabelle explained, “I’ve heard about this from my mother. Sis Bambi’s late parents couldn’t let each other know their love before their passing. They didn’t know they loved each other, even until their death. That’s why she isn’t willing to believe in love!

“Raymond, since she really wants you to be her lover, that means she does yearn for you. If you really like her, you shouldn’t avoid her. Instead, try to come up with ways to make her face her real feelings.”

Raymond fell silent. He carefully considered what Isabelle said with his books in his arms. The students that passed by energetically greeted him.

“Hi, Mr. Swift! Bye, Mr. Swift!”

Raymond nodded at his students. Then, he ask
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