Chapter 2056

When Lucas arrived in Ireland, Cedar was not around as he had returned to Norway to get his identification documents. He could have let his assistant get them for him instead, but he did not.

For Cedar, he could let others help in anything else except for the matters relating to his marriage registration. Even if it was troublesome, he still insisted on making a trip just to collect his documents.

Isabelle hugged Lucas’s arm and explained, “We’re just signing the papers. I didn’t want to trouble you at first, but I still think that I want you to be our witness! Brother Lucas, you’re very important to me. That’s why I really want you to be my marriage registration’s witness.”

During her actual wedding, only Zachary could be the formal witness of their marriage. There was no alternative.

Lucas understood Isabelle’s thoughts.

“Well, this is already more than enough,” said Lucas.

Isabelle suddenly mentioned Caroline.

“Brother Lucas, you must really love Mother, right?”

Lucas could
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