Chapter 2057

After learning about Raymond and Bambi’s story, Caroline enthusiastically helped Raymond to trick Bambi. She also got Leo involved in her plan.

Leo was already married to Emmi by then, and he was no longer working as Caroline’s bodyguard. Even so, whenever Caroline requested for him, he would help her immediately. For that, Emmi still disliked Caroline.

By the time Leo and Emmi got married, Leo was already a presentable businessman in the Schick Corporation. Tucker trained him well. Gradually, Leo earned his own career and wealth.

He was finally at the same status as Emmi, and he could propose to her. At last, they got married.

Leo’s dreams came true.

Although Emmi did not say anything, she was certainly grateful to Caroline for training Leo well.

Five years ago, Caroline told Leo to ‘kidnap’ Raymond. Once they were certain of Bambi’s feelings for Raymond, they injured Raymond severely.

Bambi was deeply in love with Raymond.

While Raymond was on the verge of dying, Bambi finall
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