Chapter 3

Dixon hung up on me angrily.

I slipped my phone into my bag and was about to leave when I saw the person I least wanted to meet.

It was Gwen Worth.

The woman Dixon loved wholeheartedly.

We stood facing each other. I gave her a small smile and was about to walk past her when she said softly, "Are you Mrs. Gregg?"

I paused and looked at her out of the corners of my eyes. "What is it?"

"Are you happy as Mrs. Gregg?"

Gwen Worth was challenging me. I turned to size her up. Her features were exquisite. She had on a layer of light makeup but her lips were colored a bright red. It was a freezing winter, but she was wearing a thin, pinkish-grey dress and had a white coat over it.

She was indeed very beautiful. No wonder Dixon liked her.

My romantic rival was right in front of me and I was jealous. I wanted to ignore her but she ridiculed me, saying, "Can you really feel relaxed in the position you stole from me? Does Dixon love you? Will he whisper loving words into your ears? Will he cook for you? Will he pick out gifts for you during the holidays? No. Dixon will not do any of that for you! Caroline Shaw, you have only forcibly occupied the position of Mrs. Gregg because you are the CEO of Shaw Corporations."

Gwen's words hit me straight in the heart. All the things that she said were things that Dixon had done for her. I would be lying if I said I wasn't jealous. But what was the point of being jealous now?

I couldn't even hold on to my position as Mrs. Gregg...

I smiled indifferently and said softly but strongly, "Then what about you? I gave you a chance three years ago. Whether you are convinced or not, I, Caroline Shaw, am Mrs. Gregg now. Furthermore, you are right. I used my title as the CEO of Shaw Corporations to force Dixon's hand while you..."

I had never taken well to being bullied.

I would not offend others if they did not offend me, but if they offended me, I would definitely make them pay for it.

However, I had allowed Dixon Gregg to humiliate me for three years.

I smiled bitterly, saying, "I am rich and can give the Gregg family enough money. What about you? You have nothing. You don't have any power nor ability. Can you become Mrs. Gregg?"

Gwen paled when she heard that. Tears filled up her eyes and she looked extremely pitiful. Any man would have felt sympathy for her.

I looked at her and said coldly, "Don't pretend to be pitiful in front of me. Dixon might fall for it, but I won't!"

Gwen was pushed behind someone's back right after I said that. Dixon kept her safe and sound behind his broad shoulders. His black coat made him seem even more cold and distant.

He stared at me coolly.

Dixon frowned and his posture was defensive, as if he was afraid that I would bully Gwen.

He must have heard what I had said earlier. However, Dixon was not a person who was quick to anger. He narrowed his eyes and spoke to me indifferently, "What are you doing here?"

"I was just meeting a friend. What about it?" I stared at Gwen behind him and teased, "Dixon, are you meeting your old flame behind my back?"

When Dixon heard me referring to Gwen as his old flame, his expression darkened. He gave me a direct order by saying, "Go back to the villa and wait for me. I will come home tonight."

His words sounded odd. It was as if him going home was a huge gift to me.

Was I really that pitiful?

Furthermore, we were in front of his ex.

Mocking myself, I said, "I will go home. But let me remind you, I might not care about her existence, but your father will not accept her."

Dixon paused. Gwen stepped forward from behind him and caught my wrist. She pretended to be pitiful as she tried to explain to me, "Ms. Shaw, please don't be mistaken..."

I was not used to others touching me and I flung off her hand subconsciously. Dixon subconsciously thought that I was going to hit her. He dragged her away and wrapped his arms around her.

He was very strong and because I had been caught unaware, I fell down. My face hit the cold, hard ground forcefully.

I looked up in shock to see Dixon caressing Gwen's head. He comforted her softly, "It's alright, Gwen."

"It's alright, Gwen..."

Had anything happened to her?

There was a burning pain on my face. I put my hand against the sore spot and suddenly started to laugh.

I laughed at how stupid I was and I laughed even more so at how delusional I was.

Dixon saw me laughing and asked me coldly, "What are you laughing about?"

I enunciated every word clearly as I said, "Dixon, I am hurt."

I spoke softly and gently. Dixon paused and turned to ask his assistant to take me to the hospital before leaving with Gwen.

I saw Gwen's satisfied smirk before they left.

Dixon's assistant helped me up and wanted to send me to the hospital.

I rejected him and drove back to the villa. I filled the tub and took a hot bath.

My face throbbed with pain but my heart was numb. I even used my sharp nails to scratch at my wound viciously.

The better he treated her, the more pitiful I looked.

I closed my eyes. Then, I got up and wrote out our divorce agreement. I signed my name on it carefully and placed the document in the drawer.

I thought about the situation for a moment before entering the kitchen to cook. After cleaning up, I waited for Dixon in the living room.

He had said that he would be home tonight.

Dixon was a man who kept his promises.

There were sounds at the door at three in the morning. I turned my head slowly to look at the door. It was late and dark. Dixon switched on the lights, and when he saw me sitting on the sofa, he was shocked. He asked, "You're not asleep yet?"

I took his coat from him. There were still snowflakes on it. It even bore the light scent of Gwen from when he had hugged her earlier in the day.

"Dixon, I haven't had dinner yet."

I had never been angry at him no matter how he bullied me. I always called him "Dixon" softly because I could not bear to say anything to the Dixon Gregg who had been so warm and gentle once upon a time.

Even though he had not been that Dixon for a long time now.

Dixon stood still and stared at me heatedly. After a long pause, he said lightly, "Caroline Shaw, you've been behaving oddly since yesterday!"

"Dixon, I have something to tell you."
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