Chapter 5

I had less than three months left. What else could I do?

My life was about to end but I had not yet been in love. I wanted to date Dixon Gregg.

Even if he was just lying to me, I would be over the moon about it.

Speaking of which, I had never been doted on or treated as something precious and important in my entire life. I had never experienced love. That was why I was often jealous of Gwen and that was why I clung to Dixon as if I were possessed.

Even if he were to torture me, I would accept it willingly.

Between Dixon and me, I was too insignificant.

I lowered myself and never once resisted.

Dixon did not leave as he usually did. After taking a shower, he sat down on the sofa with his laptop to work.

I got up and put on my sleeping gown, then asked him, "Are you going to rest here today?"

My sight was very good and I could see the document on his laptop. They were all documents that had been signed by Shaw Corporations previously.

Shaw Corporations had encountered quite a bit of trouble recently. Many of our partners had breached their contracts and the company shares had been falling. I knew that he was the one who had done this, but I had not exposed him. I hoped that he had done this after serious consideration.

Dixon ignored me, so I did not bother him again. Instead, I bent down and opened the drawer to take out the divorce agreement and placed it on the bed. Just as I was going to ask him to discuss the divorce proceedings with me, he suddenly received a call.

It was from Gwen.

Her voice was hysterical and filled with fear as she said, "Dixon, save me. She got someone to kidnap me! She said that I am no longer worthy of you!"

It was almost as if it was instinctual. Dixon turned to look at me.

His expression was dark as he asked, "Did you send someone to do this?"

I spread my hands out in front of me with a smile and asked, "Would you believe me if I said no?"

Dixon glanced at me and turned to leave. I ran after him to stop him and caressed his face with my palm boldly. I asked, confused, "Dixon, why do you trust her so much? What if she staged this?"

"I know her well. She is not like you."

I was stunned. "She's not like you..."

Dixon pushed me away and made to leave. I hung on to his arm stubbornly and pleaded with him softly, "Don't go. Stay here with me."

He struck my face and I fell to the ground forcefully. I watched the man leave through the door and could no longer force down the metallic taste in my mouth. I threw up on the white, fluffy carpet. It was bright red and the color spread like a blooming rose.

That was the first time Dixon had hit me.

He shattered my dignity for that woman who had staged her own show.

And what had I done earlier?

I had made him choose between me and Gwen...

I had really lost my self-awareness with age.

I cradled my hurting stomach and got up to change into a bright, long off-shoulder dress. I wore a long beige coat over the dress and put on my makeup exquisitely. I even took the time to curl my waist-length hair patiently. I called my assistant after putting on some silver-colored heels.

"Find out where Gwen Worth is," I ordered.

I picked up the divorce agreement from the bed and placed it in my handbag. Then, I drove to the hospital. My assistant was already waiting at the entrance for me. He was covered in snow.

He hurried over to open my car door when he saw me. Then, he said respectfully, "President Shaw, Mr. Gregg and Gwen Worth are inside the hospital. I have already sent people to capture the criminals who almost raped her. You were right. We interrogated them and this was indeed a show Gwen Worth staged."

I got out of the car and bent down slightly to check my reflection in the window. I put on some lipstick and asked him, "Have you called Director Gregg? When will he get here?"

Even though we are about to get a divorce, I wanted justice for myself.

"Director Gregg will be here in 15 minutes."

I looked at the beautiful face reflected in the car window and could not help but sigh. It was an exquisite face. Those who knew me all said that the Lord had been very kind to me. I had sharp and well-defined features and was very beautiful.

I put away my lipstick and entered the hospital with my assistant following me. When I reached Gwen's room, I heard her say confidently, "It must be her! It must be Caroline Shaw! Only the two of you know that I am back. Furthermore, I have no enemies other than her! Dixon, she is jealous. She is jealous that I am the one you love."

Dixon consoled her softly, "Don't let your imagination run wild. Mind your health. Don't worry. I will investigate this personally. I will make her apologize to you if she did it."

Ha, what right did Dixon Gregg have to say that?

If I, Caroline Shaw, had done it, would I apologize?!

Was it because he did not know me well enough? Or was it because he was used to me yielding to him that he thought I was a push-over that he could manipulate however he wanted?

I barged into the room and smiled fearlessly as I said, "I was the one who did it. How should I apologize in a sincere way? Dixon, do you want me to kneel in front of her?"
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