Chapter 6

Gwen looked as if she had seen a ghost when she saw me. She started screaming insanely and smashing things. Dixon gathered her in his arms when he saw that.

His chest had always been warm and calming.

Gwen gradually calmed down as she kept muttering Dixon's name. And that man, my husband, consoled her, "It's alright. I am here. She won't do anything to you."

Dixon's momentary gentleness belonged to her. He turned to me and questioned me coldly, "What are you doing in the hospital? Quick, go home."

He always told me to go home in front of Gwen.

I looked away from the gentleness Dixon gave Gwen. At that moment, Gwen made use of Dixon's influence and threw a cup of boiling water at my face. I screamed in pain and backed away in a panic. I hit some things and just as I was about to fall, someone grabbed my arm.

I looked up at him helplessly. "Dixon."

His gaze was conflicted when he looked at me. Then, he glared at Gwen and took me to the emergency department. I looked into a mirror and saw that my exquisite makeup had been melted by the hot water.

It had left behind a red scar that decorated one side of my face.

That was from my fall in the afternoon, and also from when I had used my nails to gouge it.

Dixon found some bandages and rubbing alcohol. He was silent as he began to disinfect my wound. Even though it hurt, I forced myself to stay silent and enjoy the moment of warmth he was giving me.

My black hair was soaking wet. I looked down at his long, slender, and pale fingers. Then, I called his name softly, "Dixon."

He replied to me just as softly, "Hum?"

I asked, gently, almost greedily, "I can give the Shaw Corporations to you and agree to divorce you. Are you really not willing to date me?"

Dixon's fingers stilled. He looked at me with confusion in his eyes and asked the same thing, "You've been behaving oddly since Gwen's return. What exactly are you planning?"

Dixon had once said that he did not have much patience for me. The frown on his face had already shown that he had used up all the patience within him now. I reached out fearfully to touch his brows and even the crease there. I asked, "Are you truly unwilling?"

My voice was very, very soft, and my tone was very humble.

Dixon's voice was soft but filled with masculinity and sharpness as he said, "I can date anyone, even an idiot, but I won't date you. Just give up."

I felt as if I had been burned. The sadness and sorrow in my heart magnified suddenly. I did not want to hold back anymore.

Dixon continued to apply medicine on my wound. He was very focused.

I smiled and asked, "Dixon, do you think that I won't feel pain?"

He murmured subconsciously, "Hum?"

I laughed softly and said, "Do you think that I won't feel pain and won't cry and won't throw tantrums? Is that why you keep bullying me? But Dixon, I was just 20 when I married you. I was at an age when I could not accept another's coldness, hate, and neglect. And the person doing all that to me was my husband, the person I needed to lean on the most. Actually, I am not as strong as you think I am."

Dixon looked at me in shock. He suddenly asked, "Why do you want to... date so badly?"

I estimated that Director was about to arrive. I blinked and ended the conversation, saying casually, "Dixon, let's divorce. I will give you the Shaw Corporations."

Dixon Gregg suddenly pressed down forcefully. I gasped in pain. However, I smiled uncaringly and said, "I'm tired. Haven't you always wanted to marry Gwen?"

He did not say anything.

His handsome face was gloomy. I took out the divorce agreement from my bag and said lightly with a smile on my face, "Dixon, you will be free once you sign this."

I could not bear to do it, but what could I do even if I held on to him?

Furthermore... I didn't want to convince myself to forgive him for hurting me.

Dixon took the divorce agreement and read through it seriously. In the end, he said lightly, "You don't even want the Shaw Corporations anymore?"

"I just want five million. You can have the rest."

He was silent once more.

He held on to the divorce agreement for a long time motionlessly. I took out a pen from my bag and handed it to him. He hesitated for a long while before putting his name on the document solemnly.

I felt sorrowful. He had signed it...

He had wanted a divorce.

An agreement was now ending our marriage.

I took the divorce agreement from him and forced a smile on my face. "I will get the lawyer to handle this. You will get the divorce certificate in a few days. I will transfer the shares of the Shaw Corporations to you within the next few months."

"Just let me be alone in the time that remains."

It was as if I had had an epiphany. I felt very relaxed. The wound on my face seemed not to hurt as much. I could finally... bear to let him go. I could finally bear to return his freedom to him.

I knew Director Gregg should be here now. Dixon and I got up and walked over to Gwen's room. We heard Director Gregg questioning her coldly, "Well? Didn't you find those men and plan this?"

Gwen had always been afraid of him. She said fearfully, "You're lying. I didn't!"

"I have your transaction records. Do you still want to deny this? Gwen Worth, you tried to frame my daughter-in-law. Dream on! Even if she were not my daughter-in-law, I wouldn't let you into the Gregg family!"

I looked up at Dixon. His expression was calm even as he listened to the conversation inside. Thinking about it, my plan was unnecessary. Dixon was an intelligent man. There were many things that he could find out for himself without them being said.

However, he did not expose Gwen and even pretended not to know anything as he comforted her. He had just been indulging her. And I had wanted to seek justice for myself. That was such a joke.

I had even bothered his father.

I turned to leave in a hurry when I thought of that. I felt that something was not right when I reached the doors of the hospital. My nose felt warm and I touched it subconsciously.

There was a startling bright red smear on my hand.

Snowflakes fell in the quiet night. I held my palms out to catch them. My legs suddenly collapsed under my weight and I fell on the snow-covered steps.

At that moment, I seemed to see Dixon Gregg from that year.

He called me "little lady" warmly. His voice was low and soft as he asked, "Little lady, it's so late. Why aren't you going home?"

I brashly gave him a brilliant smile and answered, "I want to hear you play the piano. Can you play me 'Street Where Wind Resides'?"

"Alright. I will play it for you in class tomorrow."

That year, I did not have the courage to go into the classroom and listen to him play that song. I squatted outside the classroom, under the green windows, and beside the white walls. I cried helplessly and fearfully.

Liking Dixon Gregg had seemed very simple.

I had been hanging on to the last threads of my consciousness when I fell on the stairs. I saw that warm Dixon Gregg and thought I could hear him calling my name...

"Caroline, wake up! Hang in there!"

I thought I heard a vague, mournful voice. He pleaded softly, "As long as you are fine... I promise I will date you. I can even date you forever."
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She still wants to give him everything after all he has put her through... love is a fool maker
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