Chapter 7

I had a dream. It took place in the Shaw villa. My parents and Dixon were there. They conversed with familiarity about my 23rd birthday party.

I stood by the sofa listening to Dixon speak. His voice was warm and gentle. "Carol likes the color red. Let's decorate the place with red roses. I will play the piano then."

Dixon's eyes were filled with warmth and gentleness. The sun outside the window shone on him, making him seem even more handsome and warm. I wanted to reach out to touch his brow bone. However, my fingers went through him and into the air. I yelled his name loudly, panicking. However, he did not reply. I cried hysterically and everything in front of me turned white.

My eyes flew open and I saw that I was in a hospital room. I was still wearing that brightly colored dress I had had on earlier. Dixon was standing beside him with a cold expression on his face.

It felt as if I could not accept the cold man in front of me after having seen that warm and gentle Dixon Gregg in my dreams. I closed my eyes and asked him lightly, "What happened earlier?"

Dixon looked down and did not answer. Director Gregg suddenly pushed the doors of the room open. He looked at Dixon coldly and said apologetically, "You fell down and your face was covered in blood. I had quite a shock. If he hadn't come to the hospital because of that woman, would you have come, and would this have happened? Carol, you indulge Dixon too much. He is your husband and you have to control him!"


I remembered that we had just divorced.

I looked up at Dixon. His sharp features were bone-piercingly cold. It was as if he did not care about what his father said at all. I smiled and said, "Dad, we are already divorced."

Dixon's pupils contracted when he heard that. Director Gregg was stunned as well. Perhaps because I had already told him my plans earlier in the day, he quickly reacted and asked, "You only told me about it this afternoon. Why was it so quick..."

I pursed my lips and asked, "Is it quick? Dixon wanted a divorce three years ago. It dragged on for so long and no one benefited from it. Oh right, I don't really know much about business. The Shaw Corporations will only fail under my leadership sooner or later. I shall leave it for you all. I don't mind even if it merges with the Gregg Corporations."

Director Gregg sighed and said, "You are just giving it to us like that..."

I bore down on the pain in my abdomen and got up to leave the hospital. Dixon tagged along by my side. Just as I was about to get into my car and drive off, he drove his black Maybach and stopped in front of me.

I quirked my eyebrows and asked him, "What are you doing?"

"Get in. I'll take you home."

Dixon had never once driven me in his car. Since we were now divorced, there was no need for me to accept his ride. I reminded him lightly, "There's no need. My car is here. I can't just leave it here, can I? Dixon, merry meet, merry part. You'd best treat me like a stranger, just like you used to."

His car sped by me. I got into my car and returned to the villa once he was gone. I went to the bathroom to take a hot bath almost instinctively. The hot water in the tub was stained red in less than 10 minutes.

This uterus cancer had been caused by Dixon personally. He had killed my child cruelly and then bedded me before I recovered. I had not refused him.

In the end, the state my body was currently in was all my fault.

I couldn't blame anyone or complain about it.

I shut my eyes tiredly. By the time I woke up, it was already the next day. The water was bone-piercingly cold. I put on my bathrobe and called my assistant. He took the divorce agreement from me and left. He would send me the divorce certificate tonight.

I stared at the document listlessly and asked, "Have you given him the other copy?"

My assistant answered, "Yes, I handed Mr. Gregg the document personally."

"Alright, leave all the matters of the office to him from today on. Get someone to pack up the villa as well. Return it to him three months later." I thought about it before continuing with my instructions softly, "Help me get the finance department of the Shaw Corporations to transfer five million to my bank card. I will have nothing to do with the Shaw Corporations from now on."

My assistant was stunned. He asked, "President Shaw, you..."

"Go and get it done. Don't ask anything else."

After my assistant left, five million was immediately transferred to my bank card. I got up and packed a few sets of clothes as well as some makeup. Then, I left the Gregg villa and returned to the Shaw villa.

The Shaw villa had appeared in my dreams last night.

I stood in the living room for a long while and recalled the dream that I had had last night. Everything in the dream had seemed too real. He had said gently and warmly that I liked red roses. He had said that he would play the piano for me.

Why was the dream version of him so perfect?

I closed my eyes. Then, I went upstairs and laid on the bed. Perhaps it was because I could no longer bear the twinges of pain coming from my abdomen that I called Mr. Connor, asking him to find me some medication that could numb my nerves.

I stayed in the villa in a daze for seven or eight days. When loneliness was about to engulf me, I finally got up and went out with the bank card that had five million on it.

Since nobody loved me, I would find someone to love me.

It did not matter even if they were lying to me.

I just wanted to use these five million to find someone to love me. They just had to love me for three short months.
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