Chapter 8

Covered in a thick layer of snow, Wu City was so beautiful that it was almost beyond words. I wandered the street among the numerous shops in the snow, dressed in a golden gown with a pure white long coat. The delicate silver earrings I wore that day matched somewhat perfectly with my make-up.

It was such a busy city. Standing among the crowd rushing in every direction, I felt like an outsider. I stared at all the people passing by, while the cold wind carried the snowflakes and landed on my face, my hair, and my clothes. However, I didn't feel cold at all. Maybe I was numb. Maybe I had something more important to do. I started following an average-looking man on the street.

While he stood there smoking by himself, I gathered all my courage and approached him with my bank card in hand. I opened my mouth to talk and my voice sounded humble. "Would you like to date me for three months? I'll give you five million in return."

Stunned by my request, he looked at me as if I was a fool. Af
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Fredelyn Cruz Dela
i feel pity to Caroline she made me cry..
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Ahmah Bella
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When do they unlock this story? This app is not worth it if you have wait for chapters to get unlock and have to keep buying g coins! Not worth it! Writing is also really bad!

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