Chapter 104

Clara had never been one for lullabies, she preferred bedtime stories even before she could understand what the stories were about. Flynn was the opposite in this. If you spoke to him, he cried, but if you sang to him he would fall asleep.

I finished the third Disney song, all three coming straight out of Tangled because I lacked originality, and stayed for a few more moments to watch if he wasn’t actually faking me out and was still awake. Not that I minded whatsoever, I could look at him every minute for the rest of my life and never get bored. 

His chest rose and fell, his face all scrunched up to deal with whatever dreams he was having. He had taken to Robert’s old crib like it had been his own for years already. He was only a few weeks old and already smart enough to know that he should not fight his father on this. God, this baby is going

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Marloe Coetzee
it was a very interesting,exciting read. Nice happy ending.
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Mary Martinez Bolanos
This story had me in sorrow for the first part, it really reminded me of people I knew who suffered like Dalia, she was so strong even with she was facing, she did right by her sibling, the ending was especially wonderful, because not too many rich people can love the poor, write a sequel for sister
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I felt a little better after that climax loved the ending it was needed after the climax
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