Erotic Shades Of Passion
Erotic Shades Of Passion
Author: maramartha
1 || Loving My Brother’s Wife (I)

He’s hitting her again. Turning her into his punching bag. I knew that would happen the moment he staggered into the house, drunk and barely able to stand on his own. 

Oh, well. She chose this. She chose the wife beater. I tune out their voices and her cries, trying desperately to focus on me.

Denise screams and a groan escapes my lips. It’s always like this on his drunk nights. Silence for a while, then her screams. I release my dick and blood rushes to my shaft. Another night ruined. 

Thanks to them, I can’t get off tonight again. I stare at my handsome self in the mirror. Broad shoulders, toned abs and biceps. Wrinkles mar my forehead and my lips quirk. They couldn’t wait for me to finish wanking, eh? Fucking shites. I stare at my erection and back into the mirror. 

Well, fuck me and say hi to blue balls tonight. I turn on the tap to rinse my sticky hands. The lube didn’t help much. Stupid Tina was supposed to show up today but she came up with a lame excuse last minute after sharing pictures of her tits and sexting me all night and half a day. Bitch.

Who does that?

I grip the sink and wait a few seconds for the frustration to pass and Denise’s screams to end. Her yells stop but my cock remains at attention. I return to the room and collapse to the bed with a groan. 

Minutes later, I am still unable to sleep. My eyes are wide open as I stare into the dark. I toss and turn to no avail. They ruined my night. My cock aches from being erect for so long without any action. I wet my fingertips and rub circles around my shaft. It’s not the same as Alina doing it. 

Was that even her name? 

It was a hook-up that barely involved talking. Ten minutes at the club and I knew I wanted to fuck the redhead. She slurred through the introductions but I forgave her slowness the second her mouth wrapped around my dick. What she lacked up there, she made up for it with her hot lips.

I shoot up from the bed and pull a jogger over my waist. Since I can’t sleep, I might as well take a walk. The sound of my room’s door opening echoes in the silence. I am doing nothing wrong but I tiptoe to the kitchen to muffle the sound of my footsteps. I pause at the entrance of the kitchen. 

The lights are on. 

There’s a figure crouched by the sink. My eyes trail her body from head to toe. She’s shaking. I cover the distance in a few strides to stand a few feet behind her. She doesn’t notice. I clear my throat and she jumps. The glass in her hand drops to the floor, shattering into a million pieces.

Water spills all over the tiles and she bends to pick the broken pieces. I sidestep the shards as best as I can to avoid hurting myself. She ignores my presence like she always does and I squat in front of her with a tiny smirk. “Hey,” I whisper. She doesn’t stop moving. “You don’t have to do it.” 

We have maids. We have maids for fucking everything. I might have fucked one or two of them.

Denise doesn’t listen, she continues piling the glasses on one hand until she cuts herself. She hisses in pain, I do an even more stupid thing by prying the glass from her and a piece cuts me. 

Blood trickles down my palm to the floor. We stare at the tiny, red pool it makes at our feet.

“You’re so stupid, David,” she whispers without looking up. 

Her voice is smooth and soft. I am reminded about my crush on my elder brother’s wife and the attraction she tries so hard to fight. What I’ll give to fuck her just once. Jesus have mercy on me.

I fake a laugh. “Yeah. Stupid and clumsy.” And in lust with you. 

Forgetting her wound, Denise takes my hand to inspect the extent of the damage on my palm. A strong current zaps through me at the contact and she drops my hand like a hot potato.  

She felt it too. 

My legs protest from being bent for too long, I guess I need to frequent the gym more than twice a week. I stand and offer her a hand but she shakes her head, causing her hair to fall out of its bun and curtain her face.

Careful and on tiptoes, I manoeuvre to the other end of the kitchen to get a broom and dustpan. Denise is quiet as I clean up her mess. I finish up in silence and return the broom while she moves to the sink to rinse her hands. I stop behind her. 

Seconds pass but she doesn’t lift her head. 

“Denise,” I breathe out.

Her body goes rigid as my arms slip around her waist from behind. If Darius walks in here, he might have both of our heads. My erection pokes her backside and an involuntary moan escapes me. I rest my jaw on her head. Denise might be a shortie but she’s the perfect fit for my height.

“Why do you continue to allow him to treat you like this?” Like a piece of rag. The first night I was here, I could barely sleep a wink. She spins in my embrace and shrugs. My gaze lowers to her face and my breath locks in my throat. What the–? My fingers trace the extent of the black spot over her eye. The spot is fast turning purple and her eyes are bloodshot. “Did he do this?” 

She nods. “It’s not that bad.” 

I press two fingers under her eye and she whimpers. “Not bad, huh?” 

She bites her red, bruised lips, an innocent move that makes my cock twitch. Fuck Tina. Who needs her when I can have Denise right here? 

A sinful image of me and my brother’s wife pops into my mind. Lust overshadows concern. I picture Denise on her knees before me, easing me of today’s stress with her sweet, delicate lips. 

That mouth will look good on my dick. 

Soft hands meet my chest. “David.”

I snap out of my daydream and release her before I start thinking with my cock instead of my head. The small distance between us allows me to collect my thoughts and give myself the much needed reminder. This is not the right time to allow these obscene thoughts. Denise is off limits. 

Denise releases a shaky breath and hugs herself, giving me a glimpse of her succulent breasts. 

It’s official. I have a cold, lonely night ahead of me. 

“I’ll get you some ice,” I mutter, finger pointed at the fridge. She nods.

The fridge is fully loaded with fruits, crates of eggs, bottled water and some organic nonsense. I pull out a pack of frozen peas. It makes sense now why we have so many of them. I return to Denise and place the bag on her cheek. Did he punch her? That bastard son of a bastard father.

Her face contorts in pain, she places a hand on mine and my dick does a little jerk of agreement. I really need Jesus. I relax until I realise she is trying to remove the ice pack. Not on my watch.

“Shhh.” My finger presses to her mouth to keep her from talking. The more she talks, the more I want to fuck her. “It will help.” Denise tries to smile but it comes off as a grimace. “Trust me.”  

My hands settle on either side of her, caging her between me and the sink. Her eyes are dull. 

“Is it the sex?” I blurt out.

Darius has made a name for himself in that department. To be fair, the Anderson brothers were gifted in that area. Even our father. Man could knock out a horse. We aim to please the ladies.

Her face registers the horror at my question. “No.” Her smile is sad. “He’s not very good at it.” 

“Then why are you still with him?” 

It makes no sense. She comes from an okay family. Money is not her problem. Why do women keep hoping the man will change? Denise tries to push past me but I’m a block of ice in her path. 

“David. I…” Her hands come in contact with my chest to push me away. I love the sound of my name from her. I lean forward so she has no other choice than to whisper a warning, “I…David.” We should move this somewhere more private. My lips lower to her neck and my teeth graze her supple skin. She moans. “David.” 

That’s right. Chant it like it’s the Lord’s prayer. 

My hand relocates to the front of her nightie and the other massages her ass. I squeeze one beady nipple and she whimpers. Yes. I love that sound. The sound of a woman who wants me as much as I want her. My thumb brushes her other nipple as my tongue teases her neck. She smells lovely.

“I think of you when I’m wanking, Denise.”

Her struggles cease, I rub my nose against her neck and breathe in her scent. Fuck. I’m harder. Sinking my teeth into a particular spot on her neck, my tongue swipes over it when she whines. 


My head draws back, I grab her jaw gently. “Yes, Denise,” I reply in the same breathless tone. “That’s how I want you to whisper my name when I fuck you.” She gasps, the bag of pea almost drops but I catch it. “On the bed. On the couch. On the floor. On the kitchen sink. Everywhere.” My thumb brushes a corner of her lips, she parts them and I slip a finger in. “I want you, Denny.” 

“I’m married to your brother,” she forces out.

“Baby girl, you’re married to an animal.”

Denise pushes me again. This time, I let her go. She staggers a few feet ahead of me, then stops. Slowly, she spins to face me and her arms wrap around herself like she’s protecting herself from me when the real enemy is the man she’s returning to his bed. The black spot covering her eye reminds me of the female Zuko, a character from one of my childhood animations—Avatar.

“Your brother might be an animal but we are still married.” I ground my teeth to keep myself from replying her. Denise is a bloody idiot. “As long as you will be here, please respect our union.”

A/N: Erotic Shades Of Passion is an erotic anthology; a collection of short erotic stories ranging from 2-15 chapters. Some of the stories have been made into full novels. Some will be made into stories in the future. I’ll let you know which of these stories can be found here on GoodNovel. 

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