Author: _Dominous_

Chapter 1



So Run Baby Run~

Finally our performance is finished for the Billboard Music Award.We went backstage and as soon as we arrived backstage the staffs clapped their hands for us and smile at us.We bow to them as a sign of being thankful.

We went to our dressing room and fix our make up the make up artist wipe our tears.After we retouch our make up I grab my Gucci bag and went out to the room.As we were about to leave the backstage I thought about my phone and realized that I left it inside the dressing room.

" guys go now I just forgot something."I said to my members and they just nodded.

Due to my rush I left my Gucci bag near the stage on the chair since their are staff that saw that it's mine.

I rush towards to the dressing room and grab my phone.As I was walking to go to get my bag a male group was their talking.Until I realize who it was...

Z Clash.

I was walking towards their direction to get my bag but one of their members was holding my Gucci bag.

That made my fist clenched.

No one touches my Gucci!

Theodore’s POV 

We were now heading to the backstage cause we're preparing for our performance as I went on backstage something called my eye.

"Gucci bag?"I said while raising my eyebrow.

"What is it,Theo?”Justin asked.

"Isn't that Gucci?"I asked him while pointing to the bag.

"Oh come on!This boy really know Gucci."Halse said 

I went near the bag and inspect it I saw every detail of it,the lace,the zipper,and the logo.

"Who left this here?"I asked confused.

"Theo,maybe that thing belongs to an artist as well."Jungkook said pointing at the bag.

"Well maybe,but why would they leave their bag specially Gucci bag here?"I asked until a girl came closer to us.

"Sorry but I think you are holding my bag."the girl said and I raise my eyebrow until I realized who it was 

Jane Zole From Dark Alpha.

My members 

eyes widened as they saw her.Well there are some fan cams taken by our fans 


me and my members dance to Dark Alpha’s 

songs during award shows.

"Aren't you the girl from Dark Alpha?"Jake 


"Yes I am,hi I’m Jane."she said then bow 

her head.

"Is this yours?"I asked while holding her bag.

"Ah yes,can I have it now please,my members are kinda waiting for me now."she said but I just put down her bag and came closer to her.

Jane’s POV 

He put down my bag and came closer to me.Whats wrong with him?I walked back because he keeps 

walking closer to me until my back reach the wall.He leaned closer to me and whispers something to my ears.

"Meet me later outside our dressing room and you can get back you Gucci."he said with 

a husky voice that send shivers to my spine.

And he walked away and moments after his members follow him but one of their members came closer to me while walking.

"He likes Gucci too,your Gucci might be in danger"the short one said and by that I clenched my fist due to piss.

I just decided to leave and went to my members.As I arrived at our seats my members look at me.

"Did you get your phone,Jane?"Laine asked 

I just nodded in response.

"But why do you look pissed ,anything wrong?"Rylie 

asked and I just sigh.


wrong,I'm fine"I said shuttering.

"As you said,Jane"Rylie said.

Baby come closer,closer,closer to me.

And by that the stadium was filled with their fan’s screams.Geez their fans are crazy.Well I can't blame their fans,they are pretty good.

Others idols starts to jam on their song,even Rylie and Laine 

were tapping their foots yet not showing any facial expression.I look at the big screen and saw the guys who had my Gucci then I realized who it's was.



The playful yet anime they called,I focused on him more while he is on the screen and when his out of the screen I look at the stage following his moves.But I was pretty alert that the time that when the camera is on us I look away.

They finished their performance and Zombies,their fans are going crazy.

Hours past and finally the show is over,finally going home.I'm on my way to the dressing room until I remember something.

My bag!

"Uhm guys I'm just going somewhere,I won't be taking too long."I said.

"Where are you going,Jane?We are leaving in few minutes"Liaine asked.

"Uhmm just somewhere ,nothing importan.t"i said and she just nodded 

I went out the room and start scanning the dressing rooms until I saw Z Clash’s 

dressing room before I knock I hear some laughs and noises.Good thing they are still here.

I knock on the door and after two 

knocks the door finally opened revealing the members of the famous group.

Theodore’s POV 

Me and my members 

are talking and laughing about the performance due to some mistakes that we made but not too much to be noticed.Until I saw something on the table and realized that it was the bag that is owned by the Dark Alpha girl.I took and look at it.

"Theo,aren't you gonna give it back to her?"Justin 


"Well it's on her if she want it back.”I said while smirking.

"What do you mean?"Chris asked.

"I told her to go here if she want it back."I said

"Your so mean"Jake 


We all laughed until a knock was heard at the door.Chris stood up to open the door and when he open the door a girl was outside our room.

"I knew it."I murmured.

"Hello."she greeted.

"Jane,nice to see you again."Patrick greet back.

"What brings you here?"Jake aksed

"I juts want my bag to be back."she said and my members look at me.

"Theodore,it's seems that you are holding it now,can I have it back?"she asked.

"Sure..."I walked towards her I walked closer and closer to her until she hit the wall I put my left arm on the wall beside her head while my other one was holding her back.

"You want this back?"I asked her while lifting her bag she just nodded in response.

"In one condition."I said.

"Kiss me."I said then smirked her eyes widened because of my words.

"W-hat?W-Why?"she said.

"I said kiss me and then you can take it back."I said but now her expression changes.

"Look I don't want to play any games,I just want my bag back."she said.

"Then do what I said."I said crossing my arms

"I will not!”she said emphasizing her last word.

"Then i will not give it to you then."I said.

"Ugh!What the- she was cut off.

"Don't swear young lady."Jake said,among of us he is the oldest so he get the control about our language.

"Oh sorry."she said then now I was just looking at her action until she grabbed her bag from my hand and I can't take it back anymore.

"Sorry for the disturbing you, I have to go now,my members might be looking at me now."she said then leave.

"Hey!Theo!Why did you do that?"Patrick asked.

"Nothing.”I said and chuckled looking at the door.

You are different little kitty.

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