Author: adesewa_x

The echoes. 

They kept going on and on in my head.

 Why won't they stop? Why continue?

Almost all the time, these voices, echoes, whatever they were.They came at intervals, draining out my emotions and leaving me bare. Despite the fact that I sometimes took solace in them, I just wished it

"Temiloluwa! You have started again haven't you ? If I come and meet you there, you will hate yourself..." The voice of my mother snapped me out of my reverie.

I groaned in displeasure and let out a low-key hiss.

My mum was to drop me off at school before going on to her office and because she was intolerant of tardiness, her annoying yells rings out every two minutes.

In moments like the current one, I couldn't help but dislike her attitude.

Not that I don't love her so much, but really, she's annoying. 

It wasn't like she couldn't be sweet if she wanted to, she just preferred to annoy the hell out of my life every time and it didn't help that I had no one to share the receipt of her annoying tendencies with.

"Temiloluwa! Aren't you going to school?!" Mum yelled again, the pitch higher than normal this time. I knew I was in trouble.

"I'm almost done ma!" I exclaimed back, quickly gathering  the remaining books loitering my desk and shoved them into my backpack in a haste before zipping it close and shrugging it on.

I left the room in a mess, cleaning up would have to wait till I got back from school. I'd wasted too much time processing random thoughts already.

Mum was fuming by the time I walked down the stairs. I could literally see the steam blowing out of her flaring nose and scarlet-coloured ears.

I sensed trouble.

"Just know that there's no breakfast for you, you hear? Do you know what then time is?!"

In a bid to avoid answering her question, I peered at the slim leather watch strapped to my wrist. 

It read 7:01 am. 

Which wasn't late at all. Morning assembly didn't start until eight and the school was just twenty minutes drive away.

"Mum is just seven—"

" Gbenu ee soun, before I sound you. Do you know how hectic Monday traffic is?" Mum snapped before I could finish whatever I was going to say. 

I  mentally added ' hectic traffic ' to my bucket list of reasons why I hated Mondays.

The complexion of her face hadn't improved, her normally pale skin maintained the deep shade of red that announced the level of anger she was displaying. It was safe to say that she was near level two.

Level two meant: don't say another word that is not an apology. 

"I'm really sorry mum, it won't happen again." I murmured meekly. Looking down at my feet and sucking in the lower part of my trembling lips.

"Oya! let's go Jo, ode!" My mum finally said after she gave me a look all mothers had. And just like that, I knew I was forgiven.

I grinned inwardly and sighed in relief. Her anger didn't advance to level one or there would have been hell to pay for it.


No one on earth could beat my special loathe for 'School'.

I called it the devil's incarnate,hell on earth, death by fire, mental abuse to humans and so on.

Even all those words couldn't express how much I abhorred school and I had the feeling that this new session wouldn't be any better that the last. Just books, books and even more boring books.

 Sigh .

"Aunty, oya get down from my car kia kia!," My mum snapped, interrupting my thoughts once again. 

Mummy and the weird names she calls me. 

"Bye mummy, I love you." I gave her a big smile. 

Her frosty expression gradually dissolved into a warm smile. Well it was no longer cold like before, but I think she was trying to put up a front. 

"I love you too baby. Take care of yourself and don't cause trouble." 

My grin widened when she brought out my food flask from her bag and handed it to me with a feigned expression of indifference.  I closed my hand around her in a hug and pecked her cheek.

I love anything related to food. 

"You better don't get us killed," she grumbled but I knew it was just a front, "now off you go! You've delayed me enough. Be good okay?"

"Okay mum," I replied cheekily as I climbed out of her her Black Lexus jeep.

By the time I was done waving her off and trekking the short distance to the school's gate, the final morning bell that indicated the end of assembly had been rung. I was late.

 OoGod! Not todayoooooh!

"Our customers, late comers just come and line up, and receive your punishments."

 Oh, no. Not again. I could almost face palm.

If the 'punishments' included strenuous activities like weeding the school garden or even as little as kneeling down, my uniform which I'd ironed with so much care and attention will get rough and dirty.

 My life does suck a lot. 

Doesn't it really?  I heard an illusion of a voice, whisper into the depths of my hear. A menacing voice only I could hear. The Echoes always waiting for any opportunity to lash out at me.

I was still thinking about how the garden dirt that would mar the lemon colour of my school shirt, how my blazer would get soaked and how all the intricate designs I'd ironed into the navy blue flared skirt will clear out and don't even get me started on the gore my poor grey socks and shiny black shoes will go through when a deep voice sounded out of nowhere.  

"Oh! Look who came late. Love of my fucking life."

Love of his what?!

What the hell is he saying? 

When did we get to that stage?

I turned around to find out who the voice belonged to. It was the stupid Headboy of Daylight academy —Timilehin.

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