Chapter Twenty-Four

The first night that Oscar and Bo shared a bed, it was peaceful in an easy way that should not have worked out as well as it had.

Their hands stayed delicately intertwined in the space between them the entire night, and when Oscar woke in the morning it was to Bo’s blue eyes already looking at him in an admiring way. The color was bright, just as they had been when Oscar first met the man, and while Bo insists on his embarrassment of their first meeting, the event never ceases to make Oscar smile.

Oscar wants more than anything to fall into the blue and lay in bed to see the night sky in his partners eyes until the sky matches them.

But Bo had looked embarrassed when Oscar caught him staring, and the deep blue color faltered. He appeared to push away the feeling before immediately pulling on their joined hands with little effort, Oscar complied, watching as Bo brought the smaller man closer to him. Kissing his lips s

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