The Interview: CHAPTER 3


Celine's POV

"Did you bring your CV?" I asked, inhaling deeply. 

"Yes ma." He quickly replied, a small smile breaking through his lips. I noticed a small scar above his eyebrows.

"Can I see it?"

"Sure, ma." He said at once, unable to hide his happiness. Who gets so happy to be hired as a driver?

He handed me a file and I placed it on the desk. "Why don't you take a sit."

He nodded and sat down across from me, his eyes looking everywhere but at me. I noticed that his gaze was on a book, "The lost treasure." Sprawled on my desk.

"You can take a look at it, that's if you want."

"Thank you ma." He said, gently taking the book from under the scattered papers all over my desk. 

"Don't worry. It's no problem." I muttered.

I sighed and looked back down on his resume lying open on my desk. I was quite impressed with his CV.

A first class graduate of computer science from the prestigious University of Lagos,  applying for the post of a driver did come as a shock to me, but considering the economic state of the country it should be normal or at least not too surprising. 

I did pay well after all, fifty thousand naira is a bit too high for a driver but Adam always wanted us to pay the workers more than usual, far above normal. Because change begins with us and he didn't like the way workers were treated in the country. Soon I incorporated it, and even if he was no more I still tried to do like he had taught me. 

I was definitely paying better than some companies would actually pay him as their engineer especially with his little or no work experience. In this country if you don't know anyone at the top then you have to start from scratch. I guess that's what he's doing. Starting from the very bottom.

"I'm quite impressed with your resume. Hopefully if you prove your loyalty to me then you might just be taken where you deserve. Not that I'm promising you anything." I clarified, quickly. "The secretary will give you a file containing all you need including your ID which is going to serve as a pass, without it you won't be let into the estate. You may leave now."

"Thank you ma. I'm so grateful." He bowed. He sounded genuinely excited. His feint laughter was so toxic I found myself smiling too, a little faintly.

"You are welcome." I replied cocking my brow. He turned to leave. 

"You resume at 7. I do not condone lateness or flimsy excuses. If you are going to come late make sure you do half dead." I say as a matter of fact with my all so serious voice.

He turned back but not before thanking me one more time. "I promise I won't disappoint you. Thank you ma!" 

I gestured with my one hand for him to leave and he did just that. 

I exhaled after he left.

He was so good looking, so very very good looking. I've never seen a man that handsome in a long time, except my husband only him could have compared to him. only Adam. 

"Lord." I exhaled, hitting my head softly on the table. "I missed him so much I've started seeing him in Everyone" never did I imagine in all my life that I would be made a widow at such a young age but life existed to astonish us. I pulled up my glasses and continued working or pretending to work. If only I knew that my problems were just beginning. 

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