Passion and duty: CHAPTER 4


Lucas POV

The sound of a cock crowing was distant, yet loud enough to let me know that I needed to be up on my feet. From a young age I had always been an early waker. When I don't have anything to do after waking I stare up at the ceiling for hours, sometimes I fall asleep, sometimes I paint. But I wasn't so good at painting, well in my own opinion, though others would beg to disagree. I guess it is a thing about creatives, we hardly see the beauty in what we create, but the beauty is usually glaring for others.

Another reason I probably lost some touch in painting is because, I lost my parents after secondary school to cancer which had me fending for myself throughout university. I had to take up so many menial jobs and painting became one of them, anything to survive.

Painting with a deadline made the fun in it evaporate, as it was no longer about passion but purely for money. Not that passion and money can't go hand in hand, but in a country like Nigeria where creatives are hardly appreciated or paid well you have to work twice as hard to make money from your creative endeavours which just takes the fun away from it and a lot of psssion. 

Hence after college, I had almost stopped painting altogether except very few times during my NYSC in Jos. Jos was too beautiful to not paint, and I had carried the paintings home with me. Now, they were hung all over the wall in our room. My girlfriend Sydney loves to look at them. 

I yawned, and put my hand over my mouth. I pulled away the duvet and stared at Sydney who is still fast asleep then exhaled, thinking of waiting a while before getting up. Today would be my first day working as a driver for one of the top lawyers in the country and I didn't want to mess it up. Celine Adam didn't look like a woman to take tardiness. 

The room was still dark save for a little light from houses oposite coming in from the window. I yawned again, this time tears falling down the side of my face. I was about to stand up when Sydney stirred. 

"Morning babe." She smiled, rolling on top of me.

"You seem excited this morning." I grinned, tickling her.

"I am."

I rolled so I was on top of her this time. I held her hands down to the bed hiding it behind her back. She tried to get out of my grip giggling and moving, but my hold on her was firm, stopping her.

"I'm very excited for you. You've got a job now. Waking up early and all that."

I hissed letting go of her. "It's not like it's a dream job. I'll be working as a driver not a computer engineer like I actually studied for. Life is just so unfair you know, after reading day and night to come out with the best result I end up as a driver. Will you look at that? I worked my life to graduate only to be a driver, what use was there in going to school then?" I let go of her hand starting to feel sadness and hopelessness envelope me.

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