Passion and duty: CHAPTER 5


Lucas POV

Sidney looked at me sadly, the white of her eyes shining in the dark. With her hands now free she wrapped it around my neck. "Common Lucas. It's still a start." She consoled  massaging my neck. I moaned, loving the feel of her hands on my neck, although I wouldn't mind them somewhere else right about now. "Besides working with that woman is going to give you the opportunity to meet important people that would definitely help in your dreams. Its all about Network, put your eyes on the ground."

"Just say you want me to lick ass."

"If licking ass is going to get you to where you dream to be then lick it very well while taking all the shit."

"You are disgusting." I said, making a face. She giggled, still softly massaging me. "You are getting better at this Babe." I praised.

"I'm a message therapists have you forgotten? My job is to get better at what I do. Take me, a second class accounting student working as a massage therapist. This country is fucked up, I wish I can get my school fees back at least it will help my business."

I laughed. "There is still nothing as good as being educated."

Sydney brought her hands lower, going gently to my lower back then she applied more pressure. "Make I hear." She scoffed. "Even our president no go school, he didn't see anything in education who are we to. I had told my parents that I wanted to open a massage parlor after secondary school and they had refused forcing me to go to university, now no be the same thing I dey do. Shey if I started then I would have been big by now with branches all over the country and millions in my account."

"You can still achieve all that. You are still young."

"Twenty four isn't young." She argues.

"It is." I insist. 

"Which time will I now marry?" She asked, her eyes going mischeivous. "Abi you don't know women have an expiry date."

"As gala na?" I joked, trying to get over the fear that suddenly enveloped me at the mention of marriage, an eternal commitment which I wasn't yet ready for at all.

"No one has an expiry date and first of all marriage takes a toll on a person so its better to achieve your dreams before you enter it."

"That only applies to men. Only men are marriageable after thirty."

"And women too." I assure her. "We are both equal so if I can pursue my dreams before settling then you can."

"You and your femisnim." She teased, "OK lets agree to disagree. One can still do all they desire when married true or not."

"Another angle." I nodded. "It would be harder but not impossible." I replied, hoping the discussion about marriage ends now because it was starting to make me feel very very uncomfortable. I just wasn't ready yet, and I hoped Sydney took the hint. I knew she brought it up because she wanted it but I didn't.

I took in a deep breath letting the fear evaporate. 

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