Passion and duty: CHAPTER 7


Lucas POV

I got dressed in less than ten minutes keeping the need to go to work early at the forefront of my mind. 

At first I wanted to wear a white shirt and black pants, so I look a bit professional like I did yesterday but then I remembered what my boss had asked. Maybe she didn't like the idea of her driver dressing professional, who knows. Thus, I settled for jeans and a black polo.

Thinking back at her she looked very strict, and acted it with that tiny reading glasses above her nose and her hair in a tight ponytail. Although, even without make up and the exhausted cold expression on her face one could tell that she was indeed a very very beautiful woman. Too beautiful if I must say. 

Seeing her behind that desk on a fucking pedestal I had almost been scared of her and that's a first. But when I walked into the law firm the atmosphere was light and friendly something that would have been different if she was as strict as I thought. Maybe, because I was a new worker and she wanted to show me the no nonsense part first so I don't take her for granted. 

I don't know.

I can't seem to figure her out, not like I had the chance to during my less than thirty minutes interview at her office. 

I've seen a lot of powerful women, some even chased after me, but I've never been Intimidated by them. However, there was just something about ma'am Celine that scared me, a sort of chill in her eyes. A kind of death. 

"Breakfast is ready love." Sydney called out to me. She hugged me from behind giving me a Peck on my cheek.

I continued brushing my hair as I stared at my reflection in front of the square mirror on the wall in our room. Sydney and I shared a one room apartment, the room was spacious enough for a bed and a big wardrobe which was filled with almost all of Sydney's things, clothes, shoes and the rest. I always tried to keep it tidy even if she had the habit of keeping her clothes everywhere something I hated but was tired of complaining about. 

"You look very nice." She said when I turned around, giving me a sexy look. 

"I hear." I smiled, spanking her ass. I let her pull me out of the room to the small set of two sitters dining table we had in the parlor opposite our kitchen. Our apartments was nice for people jus starting life, although it was gifted to Sydney by an uncle otherwise we would not have been able to afford a house at the outskirts of Abuja.

I ate my breakfast in a hurry while making small talks with Sydney. After I was done I rinsed my mouth with my mouth wash, I always loved to smell of mint and ran out. 

Luckily I was no longer in Lagos to experience unbearable traffic.

I left the house by 6:50 and got there just in time. I was so thankful that I was in Abuja.

"Who you be?" One of the security men asked me rudely when I got to the gate of the vast estate. 

He sized me up like I was a nobody but I was unfazed. I refused to respond to his question instead I showed him my ID card which the secretary to my madam had given me the previous day, then he let me in.

 What if I got there after 7? I thought, as I made my way to her house a few metres away, walking fast as though someone was on my tail. 

I wasn't looking dead so ma'am Celine was sure to kill me if I arrived a minute late. I took her threat quite literally. 

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