A tinge of hope: CHAPTER 8


Celine's POV

The sun poured into my room in vengeance reminding me that I had forgotten to close the blinds yesterday after star gazing until late at night. 

My eyes fluttered open, beads of sweat gathered on my forehead. I had also forgotten to turn on the Air conditioner. When did I become so forgetful. 

I sighed, gently lifting myself up to a sitting position only to notice a pounding headache crippling me. It was as though a lot of monsters were playing in my head. As if it was not bad enough, coupled with it my limbs ached badly, my eyes too.

Fever was starting to set in, I felt hot both inside and outside my body. I leaned back on the comforter as tears gathered in my eyes at the terrible, bone crushing exhaustion I felt. 

My fear finally came to pass. 

For the past one month I had been working too hard without rest and sleeping too little because I barely knew how to anymore. Without Adam by my side sleep was no longer a welcomed sight. Instead it was something I know dressed. 

Insomnia was telling on me now and it was doing so very well. My eye bags had been a little price to pay since they were well covered by my glasses. But this sudden weakness, I sure didn't account for it.

My body was forcing me to rest and I did not like it one bit. Resting means thinking, and the only thing worth thinking of is him. I can't think without my mind drifting to him and my mind can't drift to him without be being suicidal. All impossibilities that I dreaded leading me to working overtime. 

I had forgotten how to live without Adam, forgotten how to sleep without him, and I no longer knew how to keep surviving without him. He is the reason I was alive in the first place, if he had not saved my life then I would have been dead and free from this torture. The only reason I had not taken my life yet was because I didn't want his efforts to keep me alive to go in vein. All Adam wanted was for me to have a happy life but it wasn't possible, at least not without him.

I sighed deeply and gently took my legs off my bed. I managed to get up and pee with so much effort. Immediately I washed my hands I was so tempted to rush to the bed and leave the tap open, even closing the tap seemed like a little too much job.

My legs were shaking and so were my hands even though I had used the hot water tap. I was burning from the inside and freezing outside.

I put on the heater and curled up in my bed ignoring the heat in me. Today I won't be going to work unfortunately. I couldn't ignore this sickness this time even If I wanted so badly to. I dialed my doctors number and waited in bed for him.

There was a knock on the door and the housekeeper came in. "Ma'am someone is at the door. He says he is your driver. Should I send him up." Mary informed me standing in the doorway.

A driver? 

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