Epilogue: The Beginning of the End

She changes her fate with a slash of something supernatural, once a month, and Erza can't escape. The slashing magic was sent by a witch from across Sulawesi, even though she had been exiled to a tall tower away from the hustle and bustle of humans, right in the Valley of Panic. Even though the distance stretched for hundreds of miles, why was the union of witches so eager to always punish her?

This must be a curse, because after all, entering the supernatural world with the lure of immortality was fooling. Erza, who was able to get out of there, must have been lucky. She is now immortal, but no one should expect everything to be young. In order to remain immortal, she absorbs the life energy of other living beings around her.

That is because the leader of that damn organization's decree was announced for Erza to be exiled, a decision which of course was correct.

Well, Erza is lonely, but that doesn't mean she's suffering. Instead, she was entertained by the sma

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