B27: Why are There so Many Wolvires?


Rio Sanjaya ordered his dark horse to stop for a moment with a watchful gaze. The surrounding trees were violet under the bluish moonlight. After listening to something for a while, Rio stomped his horse back on his way without haste. Many times his eyes darted to the edge of the path he was passing.

The movement in the thickets brought Rio to a halt again, his horse grunting and neighing softly. Rio drew the double-edged ax he threw onto his back. The handle of the object was rather long and silvery in color. Each blade bears a sign of a roaring tiger.

“Whoever you are, come out,” Rio said his voice was firm yet still. Even so, a drop of sweat seemed to be dripping down his forehead.

The scrub rustled again. There was a sound of broken branches and a few seconds later the bushes opened, revealing a large man in a black robe and a blue mask. Other figures with almost the same appearance began to appear one by

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