B28: Killer by Accident


Nadira once committed a crime.

Nadira was only seven years old at the time. One night, Nadira woke up to hear a noise downstairs. Nadira thought they were her parents, but she was surprised because her mother suddenly sounded screaming like someone who was scared. Her parents had never fought before, so little Nadira found it strange.

Nadira, who was curious, finally walked out of the room, which she had left it dark so as not to be caught. Nadira closed the door carefully, and then quietly peeked through the grille of the stairs.

Little Nadira then gave a soft breath. At that time she saw there were five people in black robes in the living room. They were holding some kind of blade. They surrounded her mother who was sitting terrified on a sofa. Nadira wanted to help, but she was too scared. Her heart wondered where her father and two brothers were. The little girl bit her lip, holding back s

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