AB4: This Man Really Like Wolvire

I don't know what happened to me, but vision after vision filled my brain, the more I felt I was them. I want to stop it all, but helpless.

The thoughts of this girl named Nadira came to my head again.

It had been ten years since the incident, but Nadira could still taste the rancid smell of white blood with the tip of her mind. Often times the girl closed her eyes and took a deep breath, so that at least the glint could be reduced. Nadira thought time would cloud the memory, but she seemed to have her hopes up. At the very least, she had managed to fool herself into thinking that what she was doing was the right thing. Or she thought so.

Nadira looked away. The teenager stared at the distant forest through the window beside her, wondered how her mother (she refused to think of Maya as a stepmother) could become INDICENT's right hand man without the public knowing. Which then ended with a creese from… she forcibly stopped the memory. Nadira took a deep breath

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