B29: Side Story

Another flashback of Aria that Barbara had


“He's really annoying. Who does he think I am?” Aria muttered to herself in disgust.

The girl now lives in a city in Bangka Belitung, where everything is so annoying to her. She just came back from hunting wild boar then changed clothes, and went straight to the kitchen. While hunting earlier she almost ran into a wolf-shifter who almost knew who she was. Moreover, he dared to call Aria with a girl who was not human but smelled strange.

It was all because of the secret seal she had placed on her body, a mystical seal, so that no one would find out whom she was. Aria has also been equipped with anti-enemy magic by a witch that she trusts, so that Hugo and his subordinates won't know about her.

She was actually quite anxious when she heard about the news of another wolvire in the city of Koba, and she almost died wondering how two wolvires could have been bor

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