A5: Poor His Brain

“Ikak ni diem-diem nek nyari' tunang ka yang selingkuh, ok?”

I was surprised and turned to the brash person who made my heart almost over. After making sure Gran was still chatting with his friends—now sitting cross-legged on the ground—I looked back to the side and glared.

“I don't speak Bangka!” I said curtly.

I tried to ignore the word “selingkuh” which sounded the same as “cheating” if interpreted in Indonesian.

The brash boy's eyes rounded. He nodded as if he understood quickly.

“Oh, you just moved here, huh?” the boy said curiously with a rather loud voice, acting out the voice of the artist singing beside us. His brow furrowed. “Where do you come from?”

This time my brow was creased. I review his appearance. He wears a blue denim jacket with a white shirt, black jeans and casual shoes. His short-cut hair is as black as his irises. The boy's face was quite okay, but his expression was like a stupid kid.

It is clear that the name stupid kid is not dangerous.

“I'm from Jakarta,” I answered briefly.

“I have a friend there,” the boy told.

“I didn't ask,” I replied flatly.

He sniffed the air at least twice before then blabbering carelessly. “Really, who are you? A vampire or wolf-shifter? I really cannot tell the difference. How is it possible? What are you using so you can mess up your body scent like that?”

After being shocked for a while, I kept my expression flat and seemed unconcerned. I decided silently, this boy in front of me was not stupid; just a heavyweight idiot.

“Oh yes, let me introduce myself!” the boy offered his hand. I greet him with some concern. “My name is Saga. Saga Adrian. You?”


I let go of his hand, then left the crazy boy.

“Hey, wait!”

I turned my head. “What?”

“I'm serious! Are you a vampire or a wolf-shifter? Just tell me. I want to be your friend, really!”

I growled. He wants, I don't, I told myself. Fortunately, I did not have enough hours to swear someone directly.

“Listen, Saga,” I almost spit out that name from my mouth. It is a good name, but not with the brain. “I don't know what your problem is, but stop saying nonsense! Vampires or wolf-shifters… that viral topic had sunk years ago! Do you still think about it?”

Saga frowned in annoyance. He looked amazingly surprised. I take it that he has indeed shifted his brain a bit.

“You want to say that you don't know who you are?” Saga said with astonishment.

Damn! Until when will this continue?

I rubbed my hips, took a deep breath, and then exhaled patiently.

“The Handsome Saga.” The boy blushed immediately. “I know who I am, believe me. Whatever you think, just think about it yourself. It's your business, but don't drag me into this craz—”


I never heard Gran call out to me like that unless he was angry. Can I say the f word? No? Okay.

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