Author: Osuagwu Alexander

Sometimes, the truth is better left untold. When Judi altered this law and went on to seek a dark hidden secret. What she found instead was her life in a turmoil of danger and now she must be brave and stand against those who will go to any length to have her mouth shut... even kill her.

Will she be able to defeat all odds and expose such a daunting secret or will she be alive long enough to tell the tale. 

An eye opener to suspense crafted by a contemporary Nigerian writer.

About the Author

Osuagwu Alexander (Gracious Paul) is a first class graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe, a prestigious Nigerian university and he has an addiction and passion for writing and crafting amazing stories. He has been drinking from the fountain of pen since 13, however this is his first work to hit such a large audience. Guys, remember to drop a review for this book and tell me how you felt and why. I'd really appreciate

Book cover designed by Kenechukwu aka Mr. Eazy.

Part 1

The Truth About Tuesday

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Tembrevilla A. N.
this is nice start to tell about the story.

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