7. Truth


My ears were ringing. Alexandra's lips were titled up into a sardonic smile, no doubt relishing my speechlessness. She regarded her red varnished nails as she conversationally asked, "Wish to hear more?"

I balled my fists, "I don't believe you. There is no way my sister will do such a heartless thing and my father? He might be an irresponsible man but he will never stoop so low either". I glared at her unperturbed reaction. She clucked her tongue, "So naïve". Her gaze locked with mine, "Tell me then Myra, why did your sister and father leave without meeting you? Or why did your sister tell you that you were to marry lord Damian on the wedding day itself? Did you not question this?" 

I opened and closed my mouth, unable to say anything. My heart was pounding in my chest. My heart was denying the very possibility of father and... Harmony doing such merciless work. My sister's guileless smiles, her caring nature, her protective

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Bella Jersey
Talk about pain did they sell her for greed? I’m not sure if that ring is a good thing
goodnovel comment avatar
This story it very interesting

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