10. High council


The stretch of my lips felt so plastic that it felt more like a grimace, and even Greyson could detect it as his grin widened. The word 'pet' grated my skin like a jagged stone. Greyson and I were turned on the same moonlit night. High Queen was the one who took it upon herself to execute the Change. Since then, centuries have passed, seasons have come and gone, and I have managed to remain in the High Council's good graces, steadily rising in rank and maintaining my position as one of the esteemed Royals of the court. With fame comes envy, and I wasn't ignorant about it. A few vampire leaders did not back down from leering at me and taunting me in open while many spoke about me behind my back. Unfortunately, my blood brother surpassed them all. Being given the position of an Elite instead of a Royal irked him to no end. 

"Won't you give me permission to at least bid farewell to my better-half?" I implored, the pretentious genial grin plaster

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Bella Jersey
Made me curious why was he looking for Myra if he doesn’t care? First why did he break a rule of marring her?

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