11. A Forbidden Union


That infuriating man. My fists clenched. How could he be so arrogant and...lewd? My cheeks heated up as the image of his face close to mine flashed in my mind. I looked around at the huge library. I will definitely not be able to clean it in a day. Why on earth did I even agree to this? Not that I had much of a choice. I huffed. I should probably go and meet him downstairs. He just walked away without a second glance. Where was he going anyway? 

I spared another glance at the pile and the unsorted bookshelves before leaving the library. Cleaning could wait. Right now, I needed answers. Surely he did not leave so soon. I stomped downstairs only to cry out in horror. There on the carpet lay one of the maids. Her lifeless body had turned grey. Her eyes wide and her mouth hung open. I stumbled back, trembling with the ghastly sight in front of me. My gaze landed on her shoulder, smeared with dried blood. Did Damian...? the thought made me shudder

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