12. Annulment


"I am aware," I admitted at length. I knew the consequences of a vampire marrying a human. I knew it well, more than anyone else. The old wounds that I had buried deep along with my past life writhed and roiled as if wanting an opening, to flood my dead brain and make me relieve those days, the days that had taken years to forget. That was another reason why I felt more baffled and perplexed. I should stay away from humans, treat them as a source of food and pleasure yet I went ahead and married a human against my better judgement. My fists clenched as I felt unbidden anger on myself. 

High Queen must have gauged my inner turmoil. She let out a heavy sigh, "You must annul the matrimony, Damian". Despite knowing the inevitable, my eyes snapped up, locking with her blue-grey ones. She jutted her chin as her gaze bore into mine, challenging me silently - to defy, to protest. I averted my eyes quickly, lowering my gaze once again I muttered, "W

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Something not quite right for Myra

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