13. Devastation


I opened my eyes, blinking a few times to adjust to the surrounding. It wasn't the library, I was in the library. am I here? My sleep-addled brain took some time to process before I realised the reason. I had been so engrossed in sorting the books that I had missed lunch as well and then my body started swaying and there was blackness at the corner of my eyes and then I succumbed to that blackness. 

"How are you feeling, my lady?" an all too familiar voice startled me. I turned my head to see Damian, sitting on the only chair in the small room. Why was he here? Of all people and why did he have that miserable and concerned look on his face? He didn't need to pretend anymore. I could also see the hesitation in his eyes. 

"You-" I gritted and started getting up but no sooner did I lift my head than the room started spinning again. I immediately laid back, breathing heavily. Damian was instantly by the bedside. Wordlessly

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Bella Jersey
Will Myra just allow it to happen?
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Majki Dajana Mia Nel
you need do do loner chapters

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