16. Silent and Unnoticed


I had been lonely before. Alone when Harmony went to work leaving me to finish the housework. Alone when father left and did come back home for days. Alone when even after getting married my husband never stayed in the same room with me, frolicking and going Heaven knows where. But never had that loneliness felt so oppressing. So suffocating. 

The food tasted bland. I idly stirred the broth. When it turned inedible I just threw it away. At the back of mind, I felt bad for wasting food but I could hardly eat anything. After washing the cutlery I blew out the candle and went to the bedroom. I shivered as I lay down, the sheets were crisp and fresh but since it had been unoccupied, the sheets had become cold.

Sleep evaded me. Thousands of thoughts swirled in my mind, curling viciously around my heart and leaving me breathless. I tried to quiet my thoughts, silence my restless mind and maybe eventually I succeeded as I felt my eyelid

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Bella Jersey
You so can feel her despair and loneliness

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