17. His Human Mate


The sun was out and about by the time I reached the mansion. No one questioned me, no one had the audacity or the courage to do so. Only Andrew who was tending to the horses looked at me inquisitively which I ignored. What I felt last night was...something I shouldn't feel. I went straight to the library, my haven from the time I had carefully decorated this mansion. I couldn't overlook High Queen's contribution though, she had provided me with many books and manuscripts that I loved reading. 

"I don't want any disturbance", I ordered Bastian who was standing at the foot of the staircase. He bowed as he remained standing stoically. As soon as I reached the library, I went to the section where I had compiled the books about the evolution of our kind. I started perusing through the spines and when my gaze rested upon the black spined golden bordered book, I took it out. This was the latest collection, written by one of the Royals - Diana, aft

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Bella Jersey
Wow he’s gonna be stuck with Alex for eternity. Karma’s a ain’t it?!!

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