22. Unravelling Begins


I don't know for how long I stared at the vacant place where Damian had been standing not too long ago. Mates? I was that...beast's soulmate? That heartless, ruthless creature was my...soulmate? The lump in my throat made me gasp and it was then that I realised that I was crying. 

God could be ruthless when he wished to be, couldn't he? I was still reeling from almost being killed by him. I subconsciously touched the crook of my neck. I could still feel the phantom touch of his fangs. I shivered. 

I decided to go and lie down for a while and gather my scattered thoughts. Dusk had slowly crept in. As I was about to go, I was startled by Damian again. "Returning has been delayed." he walked past me as if this cottage was his, well, technically he did own it and went inside the bedroom. 

I could only do so much as gawk at his retreating figure before following him into the room. "Excuse me, what do you think you are doing

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softstep011 he is half human and half vampire. There is hope for them (and their children).

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