23. Painful Past


I saw Myra let out an inaudible gasp. She didn't expect me to be a by-product of a human and a vampire. "But aren't vampires...turned?"

I  leaned one side against the windowsill, looking out at the starless night. I let out a shirt, humourless chuckle. "No. That's a misconception. A long time ago, vampires stopped turning humans into hybrids. That's what we call them. When a vampire drinks a human's blood then they usually drain the human out and kill them in the process."

She gasped softly. I offered her a languid glance.

"My mother made the mistake of falling in love. Despite being a vampire who was probably a thousand years old and a Royal nonetheless, made the grave mistake of harbouring such a feeling. Towards a mortal." If I could go back in time, I would have stopped her even if that would have erased my existence from the world. 

Myra silently listened to me. "She pursued him. He was a rich merchant. Vampir

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Crystal Mihaly
It’s good but frustrating when you have to wait so long then you move on to other books
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More please!
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Love the update!

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