40. An Unknown Residence


I stared, absolutely stunned and amazed, at the tiny village that was nestled within the deep woods. Myra, too, looked around in awe. "Are they all...?" Connor nodded, answering my unfinished question. Myra walked ahead. I saw some women looking at us suspiciously, almost warily, if I dare say. I could understand the reason behind such dubious glances and wary flickers of gazes. They could sense that I am a Royal. All the vampires can sense another's rank if they had one. 

"Don't worry, they are friends," Connor said aloud, an affable grin slipping on his lips. It was a reassuring smile, a silent promise of assurance. But most of them who had been outside having scurried inside their houses. Connor looked at me apologetically. I stared back impassively. I was still cautious of him. He was the man whose lover I had killed. I would never forget Fredrick's solemn gaze and the deep-seated agony inside. Even if he looked harmless, there was no w

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Amy Oconnor
greyson I think Connor is working with him x
goodnovel comment avatar
Elin Kähäri
Dont trist him and the outher one is probobly George i think
goodnovel comment avatar
I don’t trust Connor and I think I know who it is, I can’t remember his name. I’ll have to backtrack

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