41. Savior Turned Master


I stared out of the window, into the dark woods. Damian had gone to meet Andrew, and I was awaiting his return eagerly. As time passed, my anxiousness started increasing as well. He had promised that he would come back before the nightfall...

I paced around the room, feeling like a caged animal almost since he had strictly prohibited me from going out. Despite being an immortal now, I feared for his life. A bitter chuckle slipped out of my lips. Life? A useless word for me now. Yet I feared for Damian. For what he might encounter, or rather whom he might encounter. 

I decided to leave the confines of our room and go downstairs. The house was warded anyway. Damian had said that if someone came by, I would be able to see them but they wouldn't. They would only see a dilapidated house. I did not question his faith in Andrew who apparently was a warlock. I went and sat on the settee, my gaze pinned to the window. My thoughts wandered to Co

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