45. Confrontation


Rage engulfed every vein in my body. How dare he? I lived with the guilt of killing a dear friend for as long as I could remember, and now, he is telling me that he manipulated me to do so? that I was made to kill someone? Before I knew it, I was charging towards him. I watched as Connor's. eyes widened for a fraction of a second before he retaliated. I punched his face before he could make the first move, after all, I was the Nocturnal between the two. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Greyson approaching. But before he could take any further steps, Myra attacked him. I couldn't help, but smirk, feeling proud o my mate for acting quickly. 

I barely managed to dodge the spell that was directed at me. But Andrew deflected it with a spell of his own. I watched Myra clearly having the upper hand in the fight. Hybrids were strong like that. However, her moves were a bit sluggish. I twisted his arm, relishing the howl that ripped out from his mo

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