The next two days were perfect. Seeing Ash hold his pups brought tears to Alex's eyes. Ash never looked more beautiful, than he did while he was feeding their children. They named the boys are Win and Brandon. And both of them are Alphas.

Hearing the babies names, the boys and girls were over the moon. They all bickered about who was going to be the best aunt or uncle It was very amusing and made Alex and Ash laugh. Later Cat told them their pups are true Alpha blood like Alex.  Alex and Ash was over the moon that their baby is a rare bread-like them. But they'll love their children equally and teach them to love everyone equally. Ash will train their pups at the age of five just like his forest father did with him so they can become stronger like him. They will also be in mixed martial arts classes to learn how to defend themselves also learn discipline.

Ash only wishes his father could've been here to see them being born. Kara was

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Olivia Cook
I really can’t stand all the mistakes. It’s like I’m reading a book that is wrote by someone that has English as a 2nd language. Maybe. Not sure. But, should be proof read. This has gotten crappy

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