Chapter:-28(Honeymoon special)

Finally, it was the day before the wedding. The whole wedding party came to Alex private mansion two days before the wedding. Alex was going through last time checklist and Kara and Cat were as busy and active as bees. They checked everything and helped Alex and Ash. Ash and Alex helped with anything they could. Ash was becoming impatient. He wasn't allowed to see Alex at all. Ash was sulking and Kara and Jessica told him that he was being ridiculous.

"But I saw you, before the wedding day"

"and you called off the wedding the next day"

Boss smirked. Boss came to meet Ash. His mate was pregnant at the moment that's why he can't come Ash was  are so happy to see him. He was someone he could talk to without getting judged.

"Um. That.."

"Hey, you don't have to explain. I know it is difficult. But think how exciting it is going to be when you see Alex tomorrow. "

" I

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