my life is going to be like this


I forced my eyes open, trying to cover them from the rays of morning sun. Blinking my eyes several times, I woke up clumsily and sat down on bed in Indian style, covering my legs with blanket. I yawned and then started stretching my arms in an attempt to retain some strength in me. After that I walked to the window and pulled the curtains away. I observed the view carefully while grabbing my hairs into a messy bun. 
Suddenly a familiar voice of someone’s clearing their throat came and I looked over my shoulder to saw Rehan on the bed with his gaze being continuously fixed on me. A small blush crept up to my cheeks in embarrassment. 
"Morning.” I said with a smile, turning towards him. He nodded and shifted his attention to his laptop which was on his lap. 
I scurried my eyebrows in confusion.  Working this late? Huh? 
"Slept well?” I rolled out the question and the corner of his lips broke into a slight twitch. 
I guess he do not want to have a conversation. So I pressed my lips together and went to bathroom. I changed into track suit and after splashing chilled water over my face, I tied my hairs into high pony. 
After getting ready, I decided to go out but before that could happen, strong fingers wrapped my wrist. 
"Where the hell do you think you're going?” He asked in quite edgy tone making me startled at his sudden harsh behavior. 
I looked down at my shoes. 
"Jogging.” I shuttered. 
"Like this?” He pointed over my clothes. 
"You are not going.” He added calmly and left my wrist, returning back to the bed. 
I frowned but instead of opposing him, I nodded in agreement. I don’t want to spoil his mood. 
After having a shower, I silently sat on the corner of the bed, stealing few glances of him who was busy in attending business calls on his laptop. 
"Breakfast?” I asked, hesitantly. 
"My cook doesn’t comes in the morning.” 
My jaw dropped, "You don't do breakfast, do you?” 
I sighed. 
Next without saying anything more, I stepped downstairs, entering into his kitchen. I looked around and smiled having a sight of a beautiful kitchen. Soon whole kitchen started smelling in delicious aroma. After putting everything on tray, I went back to our room. His eyes met mine and landed on the tray. His eyebrows shot up in amusement. But by ignoring his expressions, I placed the plate in front of him. 
“I don’t do breakfast, haven’t I mentioned earlier?” 
"Skipping breakfast won’t make your work complete.” I countered, gesturing towards his laptop. 
He chuckled in response before catching a glimpse of his wrist watch. “I don’t have a time. I've to attend an important meeting.” 
"Can I?” 
He searched my face for a good minute but nodded anyways. I held a spoonful of bite in front of him and he swallowed in one go. 
"From today onwards, I will always be having food cooked by you.” 
I smiled. “Should I take it as a compliment that you actually liked the food?” 
"Obviously.” He said in blunt tone. 
Suddenly his cell phone rang, he glanced at the caller ID and then gestured me to receive. I nodded in confusion but picked up the call, putting it on speaker. 
“Where the hell is Mayra?” Vishal’s voice came from the other side and a small smile crept on my face. 
"Here only.” I said. 
"Mayra, I am going to fucking kill you.” He yelled which made Rehan to roll his eyes. 
"I was trying to call you for an hour.” 
"Sorry Vishal. Anything special?" I asked. 
"Actually nothing much. I am just bored.” I laughed at his words while Rehan made an irritated face. 
"Take care. Meet me in the hospital, I've to discuss about one patient with you.” Before I was able to reply him, Rehan snatched his cell phone from my hand. 
"She'll not go anywhere." He said calmly. 
I sighed. No, not again. 
"Aha, man no problem, I can understand that you want to spend some quality time with your wife.” 
Vishal spoke with a hearty laugh and then ended the call. 
"B...But why?” I questioned and he let out his signature smirk, closing his laptop and placing it aside. 
"Because I said so." He raised his eyebrows. 
"I've told you that I can't quit my job.” 
"I must say my wife has a sharp memory.” He chuckled. “Let’s head downstairs.” He grabbed my wrist then gestured me to follow him. 
"Call everyone.” He ordered once we reached the hallway. I just kept my curious eyes fixed on him. 
Within few minutes, almost ten or so people who I guess work in his house gathered. 
"She’s Mrs. Malhotra.” He gave my introduction to them. 
With a polite smile I look up at everyone who greeted me back with their warm smiles. 
"You all are on leave for few days.” He said and everyone nodded and went back. 
I could tell that they all were surprised but no one said anything though. 
"You can definitely go to hospital but before that you have to prepare food, wash all my clothes and iron them, clean every single room, and then I have few paperwork to which you have to complete personally.” He counted each work on his fingers one by one. 
“As you have just witnessed all my servants are on holiday, so now it’s your duty as my wife to do each and every chores.” He added. 
I nodded and chewed my inner cheeks. He planned all this, didn’t he? I looked around, in disappointment. There are so many rooms how am I going to clean them? 
"Take these.” He handed me bunch of files.  “Do the cross check.” And with that, he left. 
I grabbed a seat on the couch, closing my eyes and inhaling fresh air. Completing all these works within few hours is impossible, definitely I will not be able to go hospital today. Finally everything was done, now all I have to do is to copy all the paperwork in handwritten form. 
Yawning and putting off my spectacle, I pressed my eyes closed and automatically tears started rolling down. I clenched my fist in frustration and leaned more into the couch. The headache was at its best. Since morning all I did was to clean all the rooms. And after that I tried completing all the file works but cross checking almost thirty files doesn’t sound easy. 
I cleared my every thought with a shook of my head and put my spectacle back. 
Writing for few more hours, my arms became numb. I have never done something this much tiring in my life. It isn’t like I am complaining but it made me feel as if I was trapped inside an invisible cage. My eyes started getting heavier with sleep and all I wanted was to sleep for few good hours but still more pages were left to be completed. How Rehan does everything? I mean I have seen him almost every time being engrossed in his office work. Doesn't all this frustrates him? 
"Haven’t gone to the Hospital?” Rehan’s voice dragged me back to reality. 
I found him sitting beside me. I tried to move away from him but instead he pulled me on his lap. 
“Have I asked you to shift?” He barked. 
I startled but slowly shook my head. 
"Get used to all this.” He said, taking off my spectacle. In doing so his finger slightly brushed against my cheek and a warm shiver ran down my spine. 
Our eyes held a contact. "You are beautiful, Mayra." He whispered softly in thick husky voice and cupped my face. 
His breath fanned over my face and a foul smell of alcohol washed over my nose. 
"Y-You are drunk?” I shuttered and he smirked, bringing his face inch closer to mine. 
My heart beat doubled instantly feeling him this so close to me. Something weird felt inside me and for the first time I realized the fact that why most of the women were crazy for him. His face was perfectly sculptured and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that I’ve never seen a handsome face like him. 
"You are drunk.” I spoke, trying to wriggle my face from his hold but all in vain. 
"Have you enjoyed today? I am sure it was much better then working as a psychiatrist, isn’t it?” He asked in rude tone. 
I averted my eyes away from him to stop the hammering sensation of my heart. 
"Look at me.” He demanded, creasing the skin of my cheek. 
I bite my lower lips and again looked straight into his eyes. 
"You have purposely done everything today, right? So that I won’t be able to go.” 
He chuckled.  "You look tired." By ignoring my question he pointed. 
I closed my eyes in irritation and a silent tear escaped. Why he has to be like this? 
"Sorry to disappoint you but I no longer need those files. So just throw them away.” 
I snapped my eyes open in his direction and the corner of his lips curved into a smirk. 
"Let’s sleep, after all you have to repeat today’s schedule tomorrow also. And you need a proper rest for that.” He shrugged his one shoulder. 
"My life is going to be like this only, isn’t it?” I asked. 
"This is just a start, Mrs. Malhotra.” He added and walked towards the bed.

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Olabisi Akintunde
Author sorry to say this book is a No No. That just the simple truth. From a doctor to a wife house help,forced to marry a sycophant because a friend ask you to 😬😬😬what a laugh

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