Chapter 49: Sleep with You

"Uno what are you saying? You're just...drunk." I gulped. His head is still on my stomach, and his arms wrapped around my waist.

I know this is just the effect of alcohol, and it means nothing. But something in my heart felt so happy that he said something like that. To know that my meetups with Dylan made him upset made my heart flutter in joy and I don't know but...I kind of want to meet Dylan again and again just to hear him beg. I want to hear it several times that it would never leave my mind.

But this whole thing is fake. We are doing this for money. Nothing more and nothing less. I touched his arms and tried to remove it from my waist but he just groaned and hugged me tighter.

"Come on, let's sleep. The clock is about to hit midnight and we still have to work," I touched his hair and played with it.

" will just meet that idiot again!" His muffled voice and his position right now made me chuckle. Why acting like a baby when he's drunk?

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