Chapter 50: Who Cares if I Decide on My Own?

I groaned when I felt the sun rays hitting my face. It was great, alright. They said the sun rays from 6 am to 8 am is healthy for the skin but right now, when I feel so tired and sleepy, I am not sure.

"What the fuck Uno, aren't you tired?!" I ranted as I hid my face under the pillow and whirl around to face the wall, resulting for my back to be hit by the annoying sun rays.

I heard some steps walking closer to where I was and started to pull the thick blanket off my body. I groaned more.

"The heck, if you want to wake up then do it alone! I still want to sleep! I'm dead tired!"

I slept late last night, and even though I slept soundly, I still need a lot of hours to gain my energy back. And this idiot has the guts to disturb me when he is the reason why I can't pull myself off this freaking bed?

"Why are you tired, sis?" The other side of the bed sank as I heard a familiar stagy voice. I opened my eyes and immediately pulls myself and glanced at h

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