Chapter 54: Meeting someone in Batanes
I have been thinking about Uno's words since last night. Those words only made my heart hammer hard and made me stay so late that I just woke up in a room with scattered clothes.

I tell you, it's a mess. Three black big luggages are placed on our carpeted floor with crumpled shirts inside it. Shoes and sandals are beside it, about three pairs for me and for him. Two bags of mine are also placed on one of the luggage and some of my essentials.

I furrowed my brows when Uno slams the door hard and enter with a slice of toasted bread in his mouth.

"What the?"

And as if I didn't say how the room looks like, I roamed my eyes around it.

"What the fuck are you doing, Uno?!" I yelled and jump out of the bed to reach for the scattered clothes and put them on top of our bed.

"The whole room is a mess! Why did you encroach my closet?" My cheeks burned as I glared at him. He pulls the bread out of his mouth and started munching, then showed me a small, awkward smile.

"Ah...that is...uh." He bit his
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