Chapter 57: Heal and Forgive
Uno reached for the doorknob of our room in this rest house. The sky is already dark, and the cold night breeze is making our white curtains dance in the air. He carefully opened the door and moved his position sidewards, his left arm placed in Fierra's shoulders, and his right arm behind her knees.

I sighed and followed them inside the room. He gently puts Fierra in the middle of the bed and removed her shoes. He reached for a small bag on top of our bedside table and get some clothes for Fierra, while I busied myself on getting myself a pair of maroon pajamas before going inside the bathroom to take a cold shower.

And then I remembered Fierra's eyes. Earlier, even when I can hear her tummy making noises, a sign that she is already hungry, she didn't complain. Uno is already telling her that we need to eat but she insists that she needs to complete all night rocks for her wish to come true. That is to make me like her and to forgive my mother.

She tried and tried, even when her rocks
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