Chapter 58: Not in Papers

I woke up when I heard a loud thud made by someone behind a door. I hastily pulled myself up to glance at the person behind the noise when I saw Fierra's built with a wide smile plastered in her face.

Her hair is down at her shoulders, and a pink flower clip is pinned on her hair. She is wearing a pink spaghetti strap flowy dress and pink block heeled shoes.

"Good morning Ate Farrah!" She yelled, repeating what she said Yesterday when she went here, only with a lower energy and smaller smile.

Someone walks towards the door and revealed Uno. He is holding a big tray in his hands with foods on top of it.

"Breakfast in bed!" Uno smiled widely after he put the tray on the bed. He is still wearing the same black sweatpants and white shirt from last night, he didn't take a bath and cooked first?

Despite being surprised by these two, I still don't know what to react. This is a small thing, I know. But something inside me feels so happy. Not until I saw Fi

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