Chapter 64: Greedy For Your Love

"This is the girl you married, Uno? A greedy heiress with a struggling company?"

Uno's grandmother plastered a smirk on her lips as she fanned herself with a big, red fabric fan.

"I thought you and Hazel would end up together, it's just disappointing that you decided to marry for... I am not sure if it's a hopeless love or purely business?"

I was left with no words, I can't even dart my eyes at Uno to ask for some protection because it will look like I am asking for his pity. I just don't know why I am so hurt right now, she just spits out some words and she was able to make my heart squeeze and made my thoughts shower inside my mind.

"Lola..." Uno stood behind me and touched my waist. "Let's not talk about this, please..."

"What? I am just telling you that Hazel is a better choice. You are still young, I don't even get why you married already." She arched her brow and walk towards the door of their dining room–or that was what I could rememb

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