Chapter 73: Setting You Free

"Annulment papers..." I whispered. The papers fell on the floor, my hands are shaking as I darted my confused eyes at him.

"I already signed it. Yours is the only thing that is needed to pass that. You can also review the terms if you want." His eyes were blank, he was just there, standing without showing any expression on his face.

A lump in my throat built up as I sit and pick the papers one by one. A tear fell from my eye. This thing hurts. I just thought that we could still make all of this work but he was so fast. I am still hoping for a chance to make us whole again but he already broke my heart for the nth time.

I stood up and throw the envelope on the sofa.

"W-why are you doing this? Do you not love me anymore?" I asked in a tremulous voice. My lips quivered. I walk towards him, closing the gap between us. "Is this so easy for you that you will just throw me out of your life? Am I some garbage that can be disposed when you no longer want to use, U

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