Chapter 76: Americano

"Ms. You have a meeting later with the Fly PH at 1 pm. Another meeting with the board at 3 pm and the rest is for signing some documents." Mayi uttered as she scanned on her papers and then glanced at me with an awkward smile.

The same, stern face that I always have every day of work has been plastered again the moment I started to work here as a head. I am working here again for about two weeks and everything felt so normal. Investors that we got after the merging with Uno's company has been decreased, although some of them stayed, some are not me and Pacifica that much without Uno's presence so they pulled it all out.

It saddened me a bit, it feels like I am not as efficient as what I am trying to be and they couldn't see my potential so they decided not to stay, but I couldn't blame them because business is a gamble. You win or you lose. In this case, I am working so hard together with my employees not to go back to the top but to lift the company from the mud.

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