Chapter 79: Dream

"Mom! Mom!"

I opened my eyes when I heard a voice coming from a girl. I lifted myself and glanced at the whole place. I am inside the living room of our mansion, sitting on top of our maroon sofa.

"Mom!" I heard a small spit of laughter on the door towards our garden. I furrowed my brows as I felt the urge to step outside and search for the owner of the voice. My steps are odd. I want to walk faster, but my feet seemed heavy that I wasn't able to do what I want and instead have these dramatic steps towards the place.

The harsh sun rays hit my face the moment I stepped out of our living room. The trees are high, but the gaps in between the leaves and some small branches made it possible for the rays to hit my skin. I covered my face and glanced from side-to-side, searching for the girl who woke me up from my slumber.

"Mom! Yoohoo! I'm here!"

My heart raced. The sudden feeling of excitement and nervousness are whirling inside my system, and the next

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